Minimizing adverse event management in a dynamic case processing workflow

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Today's Pharma companies face growing complexity in global regulations and increases in adverse event volume, all while adapting to changing technology of data sourcing.


This requires a different approach to Pharmacovigilance management; one which is automated, intelligent and outcome driven to improve product quality, optimize treatment plans, reduce costs, and improve patient safety.

Safety Challenges

Global AE case volumes are increasing 15-20% annually and doubling in the next few years, leading to increased workload and more potential errors.

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Hiring more resources or investing in standard technologies will not solve your problem. 

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Legacy PV systems cannot adapt to meet rising AE case volumes and the increased regulatory oversight.

Pharmacovigilance (PV) Solutions

Experience a new way to detect, assess, understand, and prevent adverse events with a fully-integrated, custom, end-to-end PV Software Application.


Safety Case Intake

  • Adverse events case processing (AECP)

  • Multi-channel entry of safety case data

  • Automated ingestion via standard E2B format  

  • API (REST, SOAP, Custom) automated ingestion

  • Batch processing/delivery via import utility or sFTP

  • OCR capabilities to reduce manual data entry

  • Customizable context-based dynamic workflows

  • Full compliance reporting on intake process

  • 21 CFR Part-11 compliance and validation

  • Fully configurable to enhance performance

Safety Case Processing

  • Dynamic case processing workflow

  • Configurable AI rules for auto-coding

  • Industry standards - MedDRA, WHO drug, NDC, etc.

  • Auto-generated case narratives

  • Fully configurable templates

  • Ability to override/lock at the case level

  • Configurable business rules for reviews

  • Auto-generation of standard case reports 

  • CIOMS, MedWatch, E2B and eMDR

  • Reconciliation with external case data

Reportability - Submission - Insights

  • Configurable reporting rules by country and recipient

  • Reporting to Regulatory Agencies, Competent Authorities, Ethics Committees and Clinical Trial Investigators

  • Standard case types: SUSAR, SESAR, UADR, SAE, Line Listing and Annual Reports

  • Auto-generated templates and Cover Letters

  • Multi-channel package delivery: secure email, fax, portals, courier and hand delivery

  • Automated tracking and field-level auditing

  • Monitoring based on SLAs with escalation 

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