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Data Services

Improving the health of your data to insure healthy business practices


Using industry expertise and end to end solutions for Clinical Trial, Patient services, Quality and Compliance - we support our Pharmaceutical clients to improve customer experiences, reduce patient recruitment churn, monitor trial efficiency and reduce risk.


DATA-IQ™ intelligent analytics pushes the right secure data to the business in time for decision making, eliminating noise.

Data Challenges

Disparate data prohibits the industry from ensuring that the right information gets to the right person at the right time - to make the "right" business decision.

Doctor's Clinic

The Patient Journey is often disrupted because of siloed and poorly integrated data.

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Companies continue to look at data as an Operating Expense rather than a Strategic Asset.

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360-degree Views of critical data are difficult to achieve with existing data frameworks. 

Entering Keys

Current IT systems are unable to accommodate data-centric strategies.


Our Solution

We help companies realize the value of their Data Assets and how to effectively use them.



A solution that ensures your data is clean, healthy, and uninterrupted at every stage.

  • Data integration, integrity, and governance

  • Application and API integration

  • Increased speed of access to data

  • Transparency

  • Compliance

  • Analytics to give insight for better business decisions

  • Data visualization for insights delivered

  • Built for multiple environments (including cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid)

Self-Service Data Discovery

Rapid Data 


Data Stewardship




Process any kind of data at any speed

DATA-IQ™ makes it easy to incorporate any kind of data with pipeline components designed to connect to multiple data sources in minutes without compromising data integrity.


Operate where you want 

  • Region-specific deployment and support models

  • On-premise all the way to your private cloud, and everywhere in between

  • Bring your own device - desktop, tablet, mobile

  • AWS, AZURE & Google Cloud infrastructure

  • 99.5% production uptime SLA

  • VPN connectivity and AWS direct connect options

  • HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and FedRAMP

  • 24/7 NOC support




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Get equipped to make the right decisions.

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Learn more about our ability to innovate and deliver measurable value.

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