DCT / Clinical Solutions

Providing expertise from clinical through commercial

Doctor and Patient

Intelligent automation to streamline data capture processes – compressing timelines and accelerating outcomes. API integration capabilities for DCT and Clinical Trial management to harmonize legacy system data and remove data silos.

Clinical Challenges

The number of drugs approved per billion dollars spent is at an all time low, all the while R&D costs are exponentially increasing, and will continue to do so.

Laboratory Scientist

The future is personalized medicine which cannot be met with today's disconnected processes, solutions, and restricted resources.

Medical Record Analysis

Lack of access to patients is a challenge that is compounded by increasing complexities of clinical trials.


Clinical Software Solutions

A unique combination of compliant, scalable, flexible, and interoperable solutions that supports your clinical journey from the lab to engagement.

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Discovery & Development

  • Digital Lab Management 

  • Lab Data Workflow Automation

  • High-Throughput Screening

  • Lab Samples Management​

  • Lab Service Request Processing

  • Logistics Tracking

  • Data Analysis

Clinical Trials

  • Decentralized Clinical Trials

  • Patient/Subject Recruitment

  • EDC & CTMS Integration

  • ePRO Integration

  • Study Startup Workflow

  • Compliant Site Initiation

  • Contract Management Workflow

  • Risk Based Monitoring

  • Pharmacovigilance Processing

  • CRO Case Management & Reporting

Clinal Supply

  • Comparative Study Supply Management

  • Clinical study lifecycle view

  • Clinical supply chain management

  • Full operational transparency

  • Order tracking and management

  • Logistics tracking and control

  • Transparency and forecasting 

  • Complex data analytics

Clinical Engagement

  • REMS/RMP Management

  • Investigator Grants Management

  • Pharmacovigilance Agreement Management

  • Full 21 CFR Part-11 validation

  • GDPR compliance

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