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Patient Engagement Software and Data Solutions

Delivering patient journey solutions that support product adoption & adherence

Doctor and Patient

Digital automation, coordination of data from disparate sources and workflow driven software solutions are critical to reduce the time it takes to get therapy to a patient. This ensures improved patient satisfaction for the treatment pathway, and gets the right information to the caregiver at the right time.

PATIENT-FOCUS™ delivers workflow driven, configurable patient services capabilities in a compliant, secure environment.

Patient Engagement Challenges

The patient journey from Prescription to Reimbursement and Adherence is complex.


Facilitating the patient through their journey to treatment requires resolution of many hurdles. Our Patient Engagement solutions provide wrap around digital assets which help patients to access products and stay on therapy.

Doctor's Clinic

Patient satisfaction is decreasing amongst a growing distrust in life sciences.

Examining an X-Ray

HCPs are overworked and burnt out with limited time to engage.

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Outcomes-based contracts will be defacto by 2023...  Are you ready?

Entering Keys

Your current IT systems are unable to scale to meet patient-centric strategies.

Our Solution

Strengthen Patient, HCP and Payor relationships with solutions that provide insights to connect you with your patients' journeys


Delivering workflow driven, configurable patient engagement capabilities in a compliant, secure environment.

  • Full multi-channel CRM functionality

  • Client / Program specific workflows

  • Configurability - rapid adaptation to coverage changes

  • Dynamic HCP and patient portals

  • Patient Access Enrollment programs 

  • Referral & benefit management

  • Full operational reporting

  • HIPAA & 21 CFR 11 compliant cloud environment

  • SP/SD API Integration

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Get management insights on demand

  • Dashboards with configurable reporting rules by recipient

  • Analysis tools to measure: Patient Sentiments, Prescriber behavior, Benefit Approval timelines, Shipping & Order Fulfillment 

  • Monitoring based on SLAs with escalations for Omni-Channel communications


Patient-centric workflows

Patient-Focus™ leverages dynamic business rules to drive processes that support the patient to access their medications and adhere to their Care Plan.


  • Automated workflows for welcome calls, consent management, specialty pharmacy, order referral coordination

  • Surveys, outreach and patient satisfaction tracking

  • Digital coaching workflow for agent effectiveness

  • Patient relationship management

  • Multi-channel patient/caregiver reminders

  • Tools to support patients including appointment management, dispense tracking and analysis, automated order and refill management


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